Friday, June 10, 2011

Deer Management in early June

Posted as Deer Management on the Solon Forum
by SolonDeer, 06/08/11 12:21 AM

Safety recommends a deer plan without any cost attached. Are we so rich that we don't have to ask the price? We have $150K budgeted this year for a plan, sight unseen.

How long does it take to figure out the cost? We did it for 5 years. They started planning this last Oct, but Stanek needs 2 more weeks to finalize the costs.

Russo suggested citizens look to Solon's website for answers to deer issues. Citizens who'd like a fuller picture of these issues should add the following sites to their reading list: for an introduction, for in-depth articles and to learn how to get involved.

Russo also felt a need to correct citizen "mis-statements" but not his own when he stated that the hunting would be on city land, but App 1 C, pg 14, 2nd section talks about lands used with no such restriction. While Russo is quick to complain of other's misstatements, his own record of misstatements is poor.

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