Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Solon Patch LIVE Coverage

Here are the live tweets from the SolonPatch Twitter Feed, newest first. He used hashtag #deer for this coverage.

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Deer discussion over. Next step: Stanek will talk with USDA about cost of that agency managing deer culling and other programs. #deer

Safety committee votes to remove deer park from management plan. #deer

Russo wants to know how much USDA would charge to run program for #Solon. #deer

USDA could run the deer management program for #Solon. #deer

Kraus is against bow hunting. #deer

Kraus: "It's all about safety." #deer

Councilman Kraus believes in the streiter reflector lights and fencing as good options. #deer

We maybe can find a cheaper sharpshooting company, Stanek said. The last company, White Buffalo, was the "Cadillac" of sharpshooters #deer

Deer vs. car accidents: It's happened everywhere in #Solon, Stanek says. #deer

While sharpshooting is expensive, putting that with crossbow hunting will lower the cost per deer. #deer

Councilman Bill Russo: "Nonlethal means, in terms of controlling the herd, is not practical reality." #deer

Solon should have 206-309 deer in its herd, Stanek says. "We are very far from that." #deer

Stanek on sharpshooting: "It was effective. No on can say it wasn't effective, but unfortunately it's expensive." #deer

Stanek eliminates deer park option: "In my view, trying to apply that technology to the city of Solon would be limited, very limited." #deer

Read a copy of #Solon's deer plan here. http://patch.com/A-hvmV #deer

The plan calls for lethal and nonlethal options. Thing is, Stanek says most of the nonlethal methods are not effective #deer

The question #Solon officials have to answer: what number of deer is acceptable? #deer

In 1970, there were about 17,000 deer in OH. Now there are 750,000. #deer

Public Works Commissioner Jim Stanek: #Solon realized deer population was increasing 4 or 5 months ago. #deer

Read about #Solon's deer plan. http://patch.com/A-hvmV

I've got a copy of Solon's deer management options, which include both lethal and non-lethal options. Article coming soon.  [published here]

#Solon gets deer management options tonight. Are lethal options on the table? Will hunting foes arrive en masse? http://patch.com/A-htnt

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