Friday, May 6, 2011

Solon Times Editorials

The editorial by Dave Lange meandered on both sides of the fence making the following points:

  • You don't need to be a Solon resident to weigh in on our deer debacles
  • Claims killing deer is less painful than a car accident with them, missing the point that it isn't an either or proposition
  • We kill other animals and eat their meat, why not deer?
  • That only vegetarians should sign the petition to stop inefficient and dangerous killing programs
  • He claims it wasn't urban sprawl, but unchecked deer population growth at fault for problems
  • People who plant tasty treats shouldn't be surprised they are eaten
  • Don't blame lack of predators, they've been gone for 50 years
  • Recognized that the deer were "brought back" to make hunting opportunities
  • Not a "hunting restriction" problem, we have one of the longest seasons and highest bag limits
  • Thinks we need more hunters, not more restrictions
  • Thinks both sides are guilty of "irresponsible scare tactics"
    • Hunters aren't dangerous
    • Rutting Deers aren't dangerous
    • Lyme disease just isn't a problem in North Eastern Ohio
Interesting that Dave mentioned Cheney.  On this post, I mentioned.
" Hunting isn't safe, never has been, never will be. From Vice President Cheney's famous hunting accident to the startling statistics -- According to the International Hunter Education Ass. approximately 1,000 people in the US and Canada are accidentally shot by hunters every year and just under a hundred of those accidents are fatalities. "
He said
" Finally, irresponsible scare tactics diminish both sides of this debate. You're much more likely to get shot by one of your relatives than by a hunter, including Dick Cheney. "
I can't vouch for Dave's relatives, but I don't believe this is the general case.

See the full editorial here or below.

Right under Dave's editorial is another that is more friendly toward deer, but had a long winded intro to get to this main point.
" For all its successes as a community and in spite of its intelligent citizenry and thoughtful leaders, Solon has not been able to solve its self-inflicted deer problem.  
It should be clear by now gunning down the deer or shooting arrows into them are not solutions, just the cause of other more dangerous problems. 
Perhaps it's time to consider living in peace with the deer by controlling any future growth in the city then educating its two-legged residents on how to coexist with the four-legged ones. All the other failed and ill-advised strategies should be filed forever under, "Only in Solon." "
See the full editorial here or below.

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