Friday, March 25, 2011

History Lesson



by frankbam, 03/11/11 3:09 PM 
Re: Deer Management by SolonDeer, 03/11/11 3:09 PM the old west men drove horse and wagon around hawking miracle cures..that probably contained booze and they drive an SUV, make power point presentations, selling streighter lights, proper garden plantings and deer condoms...GO FIGURE..


Or more realistically

by SolonDeer, 03/11/11 6:29 PM 
Re: Deer Management by SolonDeer, 03/11/11 6:29 PM
and relavent to the Wed Safety Meeting, a Hunter goes to the library, learns powerpoint and then comes to tell us that the ONLY solution is more hunting. Sure there's rebound, all the more reason to hunt more. Is it effective? Sure as long as you keep ponying up $200K per year.

Oh by the way where does Scott Peters get most of his funding - HUNTING LICENCES. And here's hunting apologist Russo saying "well you have to get your funding from somewhere".

Can you spell "conflict of interest", apparently not.

Talk about snake oil salesmen, who would buy that crap, most of Solon I guess. Can you pay my share of the $200K every year, because I'm just not that gullible.

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