Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sun Editorial

The Solon Sun wrote an editorial on the deer culling issue, the Solon Patch asked for comments on the editorial here.

Whether Solon residents favor deer culling methods or not, they should all agree on one thing: The deer population in the city is growing and it needs to be managed in some fashion.
The important thing that everyone involved in this discussion must remember is that emotions cannot play a role in the process. It is very easy for the subject of deer management to become an emotional one, but that cannot be allowed to happen. Few people are thrilled with the prospect of killing deer and everyone involved with fashioning this deer management plan is looking for humane methods to accomplish this. We hope that Solon officials recognize the emotional nature of this issue and develop a thorough plan that will keep the deer population under control and will not rely simply on sharpshooting or bowhunting. We hope that activists realize, however, that either sharpshooting or bowhunting is a necessary method to keep the population in check because non-lethal methods alone will not work.

John 1:46pm on Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Deer Advocates are dismissed as "emotional" and Hunting interests are deemed "rational" and nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that Hunting causes rebound which causes more hunting (and more hunting licenses that fund the deer management (hunter) professionals, that's scientific and financial fact not emotion, its proved out that after five years we "have to do something" ignoring the fact that deer can't and never have, grown in population without limits.

Both local newspapers have a penchant for taking both sides of a particular issue without making any sense, their editorials sound much more political than principled. This editorial is no exception, a load of political nonsense, taking both sides, with dubious "facts".

As for looking for humane methods, they aren't looking too hard, in fact they are ignoring those experts in favor of hunting interests, but then if you look closely at the recreational pursuits of those at city hall you'll find far more people who shoot with a weapon than those that shoot with a camera (as I do).

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