Saturday, April 16, 2011

News: Apr 2011

Here is a sample of news stories on Solon's Deer Management in April 2011.

Our Ballot Initiative was announced with a Press Release you can see it here.

Solon Patch

Deer Hunting Foes Seeking to Ban Killing Through Ballot Measure
To get a referendum on the ballot to ban deer hunting, opponents must first collect signatures

City Council Quick Takes: Outsourcing, Deer Parks and More

Deer Park Innovator to Brief Solon Officials on Potential Deer Solution

Solon Times

Deer-park proposal may or may not solve problem  04/14/2011

Solon Sun

Solon residents aim to outlaw deer hunting: Animals in the News 4/22/11

Solon residents are signing petitions for a ballot initiative to prevent the killing of deer in the Cleveland suburb.  The petition drive began after council members discussed allowing crossbow hunting, see this article.

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