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News: Mar 2011

Here is a sample of news stories on Solon's Deer Management in March 2011

Solon Patch

Example Deer Management Plan Includes Bow Hunting  03/19/11
The Village of Granville's Deer Management Prgram was passed out, see the Doc on Patch and the Village's website here.

Solon City Council Rejects Deer Count Bid  03/18/11
In a move that seemed aimed at disabling citizen comments a special meeting was scheduled off camera at 7:30 am to discuss a $30,000 deer counting expenditure.

Quick Take: Solon Moving Quickly on Deer Count  03/09/11

USDA, Ohio Wildlife Officials to Brief Safety Committee on Deer Issues  03/07/11

How Should Solon Manage the Deer Population? 03/04/11

$150,000 Budgeted for Deer Management in Solon  02/21/11

No Deer Management Now, But Solon Is Preparing  02/10/11

Solon Times

Despite 'sticker shock' aerial deer count planned   03/16/2011

Councilman William I. Russo said the aerial count "is something that's needed just to make sure the deer count has grown.  "If there is no increase in deer count, then there is no justification for doing anything," he said  

[Yet on 03/18 Russo along with the rest of council voted to proceed with the deer management plan without this count!  What a difference two days makes!]

State input on deer necessary, city told   03/11/2011   

As emotions run wild, deer rants under fire   02/16/2011

Solon Sun


WTAM 1100 Radio

Solon to hold off on deer culling
Numerous questions need to be answered

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