Tuesday, April 12, 2011

News: Jan 2011

Here is a sample of news stories on Solon's Deer Management in January 2011

Solon Patch

Deer Culling Has Long, Controversial History in Solon

Crossbow Plan Scrapped, but Comprehensive Deer Program Coming

Contentious Deer Culling Proposal Heads for Solon Council Showdown

Grab Your Crossbow? Solon Considers Hunting Program to Manage Deer

Solon Times

Bowhunting plan draws fire from residents  01/20/2011

Bowhunting explored to reduce deer population  01/05/2011

Solon Sun

Solon City Council removes culling program from agenda; concerns grow about crossbow hunting 01/22/11

Citing a huge public outcry over plans to allow bow hunting of deer, plus the large number of new City Council members who are unfamiliar with the city's ...


Solon Reopens Deer Culling

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