Saturday, April 2, 2011

When hunting doesn't work

then try more hunting...

That's what one Mentor resident seemed to say in response to a poaching rampage in Mentor.

Patch News article. SolonDeer post.

Larry Cardo
7:20pm on Friday, April 1, 2011 
It is about time that someone did something to reduce the number of deer. Our Government who is responsible for maintaining control is nonexistent! The large numbers of deer in Mentor are a joke. It is next to impossible to plant a tree in Mentor. The deer cause hundred of thousands of dollars in vehicle damage and are a deadly threat to motorcyclists. 
Nationwide deer injure thousands and kill about 150 each year. Why? Because the "Ohio division of Wildlife" wants to maintain large herds so hunters can shoot fish in a barrel.
All it takes to reduce the deer population is some guts and an extension of the hunting season. 
Larry Cardo
Mentor, OH

So this hunter is condoning poaching ("about time") and admits the ODOW attempts to keep the herd overpopulated to provide more deer for hunting ("recreational opportunity" according to Scott Peters of the ODOW at Solon Safety Committee Meeting).  He further states that the ODOW is the cause of DVAs.  If killing isn't working, more killing won't either!

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