Saturday, January 28, 2012

Culling Delayed, expected Feb 1st

Solon deer culling could begin before Feb. 1

SOLON - Although the city’s reactivated deer culling program had not gotten underway yet, the manager of the program said earlier this week he expected sharpshooting could begin before Feb. 1.

“Right now, that’s depending on the weather conditions,” said David Hromco, manager of the city’s program. “The program does work a little better when there’s snow, as long as there’s not too much.”

Wind conditions are also a factor in getting the program off the ground, said Hromco, who set up the initial program using sharpshooters from a private contractor beginning in 2004 and continuing through 2009.

See full story in the Solon Sun

Feb Update:

Deer culling efforts began in Solon this week and are expected to continue into March.

The shooters are using different rifles than in past efforts, and that the gunshots are louder. It's possible that residents will hear gunshots.

He said that any residents with concerns can call the city's Public Works line at 440-337-1340.

NOTE: Typically you should call the police if you hear gunshots. You may want to do that if you hear shots from an area not listed as a kill site. We'd also be very interested if you discover a new kill site, please let us know at .

See full story in the Solon Patch

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