Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stanek Retires, Hromco will return to manage deer culling

Public Works Commissioner Jim Stanek Retires Suddenly

Stanek, who oversaw a number of departments and was with the city for more than three decades, retired suddenly earlier this month.

Kraus said Mayor Susan Drucker will have an important decision to make in replacing Stanek, who oversaw the service, engineering and water reclaimation departments.

Stanek was also the city's leader in handling its deer culling project. Kraus said finding the right person to manage that task will be important.

See Solon Patch article here.

Solon's Public Works Director resigns; Dave Hromco returns for deer culling program

Following the abrupt retirement of Public Works Commissioner Jim Stanek, city officials plan to appoint his retired assistant, David Hromco, to oversee the deer management program that will be reactivated this year.

Hromco was instrumental in devising the city's original deer culling plan in 2004-05, when a private contractor, White Buffalo Inc. was employed until the end of 2009, when the program was abandoned.

Formal action is expected at the Tuesday (Jan. 17) City Council meeting.

See Solon Sun article here.


Solon To Pay Temporary Deer Culling Manager As Much As $6,000

David Hromco, who is returning from retirement temporarily to manage Solon's deer culling this winter, will earn $40 per hour.
The contract with Hromco was approved by city council this week. It runs through March 31, and maxes out at 150 hours. So the most Hromco can earn on the job is $6,000.
Hromco will also be issued a city cell phone and have access, if needed, to a city vehicle.
See Solon Patch article here.

Mayor: David Hromco Right Man for Deer Culling Manager

In the wake of Jim Stanek's retirement, the city will bring retired employee David Hromco back to manage the deer culling program.

See Solon Patch article here.

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